I know so many people who refuse to drink tap water because it is somehow inferior to bottled. When I ask they say it tastes better, or it’s not as polluted. I know how they got this impression; advertising. The bottles talk about “fresh mountain springs” and “triple distilled” and so many other terms that 99% of us do not have any idea what they mean. I have news for you, it is all a scam. That’s right, a SCAM.

Even if the label was right, ‘spring water’ makes no claim to be treated in any way, and it is full of whatever the creatures around the spring left in it. Isn’t that a lovely thought. “This nice spring water tastes so much better because the deer droppings give it so much body.” Are you disgusted yet?

Now we get to the real scam job: Distilled water and the like are just bottled tap water. Big companies get a contract with a city to buy a certain amount of water, and the company bottles it right up and charges you $2 for it. The same amount of cleaning that city water gets, is exactly what bottled water gets, because it is the SAME water.

Even better, once a contract expires the company may go to another city, and their labeling doesn’t even change, this also applies if they lose a contract on a spring, if that’s even what they had initially. They may go to a city and still sell it as ‘spring water’.

So why does it taste better? I believe it is all in the taste of the beholder, if you think something is true, you can make it true.


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