After work, Jessica went home as quickly as she could. She was thankful that she got off work before rush hour started. Behind the wheel it was difficult to keep her eyes focused on the road. Finally she pulled up at her apartment and parked. She heaved a sigh of relief, and relaxed into the seat. It took nearly five minutes before she could get up the initiative to get out of the car and walk the 20 paces to her front door. Inside, her bags fell to the floor, waking her roommate who slept on the couch. She felt a little bad, but she knew that Ashley was supposed to be awake and getting ready for work already. Jessica went to her room without a word, collapsed onto the bed, and her eyelids would not close. The sun was already streaming in around the blackout curtains, and Jessica knew that the longer she was awake, the harder it would be to fall asleep. She lay tossing and turning, but must have fallen asleep at some point.

That morning Jessica dreamed of a place, just an empty place. In this place she could do what she wanted and did not have to work for others. Jessica found herself at a loss. Without others telling her what needed to get done, or having chores of her own to do, she wanted to do something, but could not figure out just what. She had no direction.
Watching television or surfing the internet just didn’t sound appealing. So Jessica tried playing a game, but she was so uninterested she wasn’t even following along. After sitting to think for awhile, she realized that her chair was uncomfortable and started to think of ways to improve it.

After putting a great deal of thought into the dimensions of the cushion and the perfect ratio of cushion to stability, she began thinking about to how that perfectly engineered chair could be made aesthetically pleasing as well. As soon as she had this thought she gave herself a good faceplam. People had said that her engineering degree was at odds with her interior design minor. After years of defending this choice as “diverse” and “well rounded” she had finally found a way to use them together.

Usually people are an expert in either how to make something either look good or work. Then they have to work with a different expert to bring in the other half. She had it all!
Jessica awoke to find her eureka moment crushed by the realization that this would still not get her a career, anyone looking to hire wanted an expert, not a jack-of-all-trades.

Chapter 3 – Life Stands Still


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