Dance vs. Not Dance

Dance is an art form. It is about expressing emotion and telling a story. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different dance forms around the world.

Here are some examples

Humerous Irish Dance about the origins of that dance form

From Nurit Kopolovich-hadad via Facebook

Zulu (African tribe) Dance Ceremony

From WCecogo via Youtube

Indian Dance

From Leggo – Il sito ufficiale via Facebook

Swing Dance

From BadZKarma99 on YouTube

Ballet from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker

From Palmtree Media via YouTube

Flamenco inspired ballroom dance

From Addams Family Values via marjz on YouTube

Modern Bellydance

From beledigrrl via YouTube


Empire Period Court Dance

From Becoming Jane 2007 via ivos25 on YouTube

Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art Dance)

From Govinda Fitness Evolution via YouTube

Pop’n’Lock, Robot

Bryan Gaynor aka. Chibi via hdvidiot on YouTube

Pole Dance

Karo Swen via YouTube


From Hyman Lam via YouTube

The James Brown

James Brown via James Brown on YouTube

These however are NOT examples of dance

(note, this post was up less than a week before one of the following videos was banned from YouTube. I have replaced it, but if your video is at risk of being blocked for content, it is not dance. All of these have ‘Dance’ in the title of the video.)

This is sex with your clothes on.

From mralreaddytakken via YouTube

This is a seizure.

From NewMusicDaily via YouTube

This is masturbation for someone else’s pleasure.

From Modestas Stoskus via YouTube


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