Luxury is relative. Since in my life I have lived without things so basic as running water, that is a luxury to me. I am astounded when people struggle to make ends meet, but keep the cable. Television and internet is actually so elemental to some people that they would rather keep it and risk not being able to afford something else they may need more.

On the other hand most people ‘struggle to make ends meet’. In this culture we are very good at living just barely outside of our means. As a result, no matter how much money someone makes, it is never enough. That is a great mentality for a consumer-based economy.

I choose to think about how lucky I am. I, like most people am not where I want to be in life, but when I think of what life could be like, I am extremely grateful for what I have today.

My goodness, now I sound like an inspirational speaker; “I came from nothing so I am grateful for what I have.” Really my life growing up was pretty average, it had high points and low points. Not low as some, not as high as others. Ironically I am actually at a point in my life where making ends meet is actually a tighter balancing act than I have dealt with before.

“..we’ll deal with it, because the good outweighs the bad.”
― E. LockhartThe Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon—and me, Ruby Oliver

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