Abortion and Adoption

The abortion debate has been a hot-button issue for a long time. To recognize the fact that this issue could possibly shut down our government, I thought I would talk about it today.

First off, the monikers. The fact that both sides refer to themselves as Pro-something is a hint that no-one feels that they are against something, but rather in favor of it. The opposite of Pro-Life is not Anti-Life, but rather Pro-Choice, and vice versa. It seems that the Pro-Lifers actually think that people who do not want to completely abolish abortion must be in favor of killing babies. This is absolutely ridiculous.

I recognize that many of the points defending legal abortion have been made many, many times before, so I will not focus on these issues, but just mention them quickly.

  • People who want abortions will get them. We just want to make sure that it is safe.
  • We want to make sure that the mother is safe in the event that the pregnancy is dangerous to her.
  • Rape victims should not be forced to raise the product of their rape.

All of these issues are very valid, but they have all been said before. Here I will focus on an issue that is often raised in defense the of Pro-Life perspective. It is often said that if a mother does not want a child, they should just put the child up for adoption. This argument is never really touched on by the Pro-Choice side.

Yes, a woman does have the option of bringing an unwanted child to term, and then giving it up. In order to consider that option, we must also have information regarding the foster care and adoption systems that would care for the child.

The foster system is already incredibly overloaded with children. Not all of these kids are not eligible for adoption, although they may be later. These kids are intended to be placed with relations, or group foster homes. There are stories of foster children sleeping in office buildings because there is no-where else to place them. This means that these kids do not have access to adults to give them limits, direction, or advice. On the positive side, they are protected from foster parents. There are no-where enough people who are willing to foster kids. Unfortunately, even of those that are willing, some should not be allowed. Foster parents receive a small monetary compensation, and that can be taken advantage of. While many foster parents do what they do for the right reasons, not all do. Some kids end up in a situation no better than the one they were removed from, if not worse.

The situation of adopted kids is usually better. At least these homes are permanent. They are also subject to more scrutiny than foster homes. Unfortunately nothing is perfect and kids can still be endangered. The biggest problem though is that there are never enough people willing to adopt. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. Many people think of adoption as the alternative to having kids of their own. If people cannot conceive, only then they will consider adoption. Adoption is not lesser than biological. The kids that are up for adoption are no less than those that a couple could conceive themselves.

Even when people do consider adoption, people usually think of adopting newborns or kids from different countries. Yes, these are good things to do, However older, American kids need forever homes too.

The newborn adoptions and the overseas adoptions have very heavy legal costs associated with them, that are not necessary in country. The perception of these fees is often enough for people to dismiss the possibility of adoption entirely. Spread the word, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE RICH TO ADOPT.

I remember telling someone once that I wanted to adopt kids when I grew up. I was told that all kids up for adoption are crack babies. I was absolutely shocked by that assumption. Kids are kids no matter where they are. Sure chances are good that with so many kids up for adoption, some are. By the same logic, so are some of the kids that your children go to school with.

Kids that are up for adoption have undoubtedly been through a lot, but that does not mean that they are dangerous. Most would be very grateful for the being removed from the traumatic life, and loyal to the person who saved them.

Today I have kids of my own, and I plan to adopt one child for each that I have. A family is made by love, not blood. Let me repeat that; A FAMILY IS MADE BY LOVE, NOT BLOOD. There is already an overpopulation problem in the world, there is no need to produce more children when so many need good homes.

I understand the reluctance that people have to abortion. I don’t advocate having them, but I DO ADVOCATE HAVING THE CHOICE.

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