This is a very interesting article. It talks about the science of how the bra is unnecessary. But I want to see the actual statistics on the women they used for the study. The results of the study would probably show a vast difference between small and large breasted women.

I know that the modern bra is a leftover from the corset era, and some women feel that they are oppressive. If that is the case, sure don’t wear one. No-one is forcing you to. I also understand that the muscles that should support breasts are not getting worked out because the bra takes the load. But I also know that waaaay before the corset period larger women were trying to find ways to relieve the pressure. I personally hate bras. I wish I did not have to wear them, I am so sick of small people telling me about how I need underwire and how helpful it is. They do not understand, by this point, the boobs just hang over the underwire like it wasn’t even there. If I could get away with going braless, I would, but I have not been able to since middle school. So I deal with the gouges from the underwire, the sweat, and the deep imprints left on my shoulders because all of that is better than the stress to the muscles and skin on my chest. Never mind jumping without one, that is painful enough with a bra on.

And please, do not tell me that ‘if the bra fit properly, all of those problems would go away.’ Bras are designed for small to medium women. All of the lessons learned from them are being projected onto larger women. When I say this I mean the women who cannot find their size at most (if any) public retailers and struggle to find them online. The rules do not apply anymore.

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