What Do I Want to Do?

I have never been very good at choosing only one thing to do, but I know I have to focus on one thing in order to make it successful. So I am just gonna write out my ideas here, not that it will probably interest anyone else.

I have been in hospitality for a long time now, and while I don’t really want to continue working for others, I would very much like to own my own hotel. Unfortunately, as they say it takes money to make money. Working for someone else in the type of situation I am in is no way to be able to afford that type of purchase. I have looked into it seriously. That down payment is the big challenge. They also want management experience, which, on paper, I do not have.

The most immediately possible option is starting my own costume business. The problem is that there are already a lot of people doing that, and getting into it enough to make ends meet is a long shot.

When I graduated college I was convinced that I could make a living working at a living history museum. However I have since found that most interpreters are just volunteers. Other interpreters travel doing presentations. This is an option, however I have young kids so I cannot travel to far afield. Until I have made a name for myself, (and probably even after I have) the money would be scant. Schools don’t really have that kind of budget. Right now it would have to work with my work schedule.

I would very much like to get into politics. As anyone who has read much of my writings will know, I see a lot of problems in the world, and that I have solutions, although I cannot, obviously, guarantee that they are any better than any other.

I believe that the other way to make a difference is to educate kids, so that they can make things better. I would like to be a teacher, but like most others who truly believe in learning, I feel unable to provide the type of education that students would benefit from under the current policies.

The most comprehensive, get-to-do-everything idea is starting a camp. This camp does not have any good analogy. It would be a cross between a park, a community center, a school, a summer camp for kids, an intentional community, a farm and a museum. People would be able to visit and just explore, or take classes on anything from sustainability to art, survivalism to philosophy, cooking to religion. If someone wanted to teach it we would offer it, if someone wanted to learn it, we would try to find a teacher. It would be a place to foster a love of learning and pursue a person’s own interests. The people who run it would live on site and in many ways function as one large family. We would grow our own food as much as possible. A few times a year we would have living history events from different time periods. All of the buildings on site would be examples of different types of sustainable architecture, and all power would be produced on site. This is really my dream. We just need to find a way to support us while we build it, and find like-minded people to help.


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