Like many people my age, I am deeply unsatisfied with how our society functions. This has led me to be called, like many of us, a lazy millennial. So I would like to explain a bit about my background to explain why I am so passionate.

As I have mentioned, I grew up in a small town called Madrid. Later I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Both of these gave me a look at unconventional slices of society. Madrid is a town where many people live off grid, and can get by just working odd jobs. In many ways this is the basis of the lifestyle for Dystopian Dreams (with a whole lot less tech). In the SCA, people are very passionate about sharing knowledge and work together, often without compensation. This is why I know that people will be productive and cooperative by nature. Other people I know from many other contexts have very productive hobbies. Ironically this is often the same people who tell me that if people did not earn money they would not be productive. It all depends on out definition. Sure, without pay people would probably not flip burgers or pack boxes all day, but we are at a point where humans no longer need to take on those tasks. (See Work & Money).

My mother was an elementary school teacher and librarian, her parents were both college professors. They were able to maintain my love of learning even though I went to public schools. I cannot thank them enough for that, I am very lucky. I firmly believe that while educating a person will help them, it is really educating society as a whole that will make a difference.

I graduated from college in 4.5 years with 2 degrees and full honors. I have yet to find this helpful in my life. Once I graduated I found it nearly impossible to find a job in the small city where I was living. I was overqualified for minimum wage jobs and had the wrong degree for anything else. When I moved to a larger city I have still struggled to find a job in my field, but I was able to find a minimum wage job. While I do enjoy working in hospitality it is not really what I want to do as a career. I have a lot of other thoughts, but none of them will really work.

For a time I was a substitute teacher. I graduated high school just before the effects of No Child Left Behind caught up to my grade. Teaching, even less than 10 years later showed me the EPIC failures of that policy. There is an entire generation of students who have been taught a very strict, highly irrelevant, curriculum. Not to mention the test and forget problem. Everything these kids have ever been taught was in preparation for a test. As most people know, once you pass the test the knowledge on it tends to be forgotten. Let me re-state that. AN ENTIRE GENERATION HAS ONLY BEEN TAUGHT IRRELEVANT INFORMATION IN A WAY THAT ENCOURAGES THEM TO PROMPTLY FORGET IT.

I was teaching at the beginning of the Common Core age as well. There have been many viral homework assignments with this to blame. These standards are very damaging to the students and endlessly frustrating to the teachers. It is little wonder so many teachers are not sticking with the profession.

Today I have two kids, one two years old, the other three months. Of course I want to do the best I can for them. To this end I have been considering homeschooling. But I also do not believe that my kids deserve any better than any other kids. I want the public school system to be good enough that I feel it is the best option.

One thought on “Background

  1. I wouldn’t count on the public school system getting any better any time soon! Not until a lot of minds are changed about how kids learn and what education really is. If you can give your kids what they need and do it better with homeschooling, why shouldn’t they have that opportunity?


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