With my obsession with clothing, it may come as a surprise that, while I do enjoy studying historical fashion trends, I find modern fashion largely uninteresting. Every once in a while something will pop up that I like, but usually it is something that references historical fashion. In casual conversation I usually just dismiss modern fashion as boring, which is the reason that I don’t really like it. But there is more to modern fashion that bothers me than that. Prices.

I do not, cannot, and  will not understand how brand names mean higher prices. The Louis Vatton bag looks the same to me as the one at wal-mart, except that the one at wal-mart I am not paying someone to advertise for them. The quality is no better than the cheap wal-mart version or the knock offs. I have had people argue this one to no end, but I do work with these things, I know what I am looking at. As far as I have seen, men’s suits and the fabrics they use is the only exception to this rule, but even then the nice fabrics that are worth a higher price do not always go with an expensive brand name.

I completely understand paying more for a better product, I understand paying the person who makes something what it costs for them to make it. I expect that. I charge more for my work than you could buy a Halloween costume at party city, but I make it out of sturdy materials, I make it to fit the customer, and I expect to be paid for my expertise and time, as well as the costs of materials. What I do not get is paying more money for the EXACT SAME PRODUCT. We are not talking a few dollars here, it is the difference between $20 and $500. The only difference is the big showy label that says “I paid way too much for this bag!”

Honestly if people choose to spend their hard-earned money in this way this is their business, not mine. It does become my business when people assume that ‘homemade’ means cheap. It is my business when people want me to make them a real Victorian corset for the same as they could buy a cheap Halloween costume ‘corset’. It is my business when people think that because I do not make these brand-name things that my labor is worth less than they would pay for that.

Constance Hope

Egad (5)

This is a Victorian style dress that I wore when I played the heroine in the melodrama Egad! What A Cad. Her name was Constance Hope, and she was a nurse. I adjusted the dress to fit tightly over my corset. I honestly think that some people thought that I was actually that shape.



This dress is just a draping project. It is pinned together on the dress form. If it was to be constructed, this pinning would then be used to create the pattern. The neckline looks crooked and has always bothered me in this picture, but it was just hanging that way.

As for me, this is how I went to my classes that day, antennae and all.

A Costume Designer’s Perspective on Halloween

In case you could not guess, I am a big fan of Halloween. Not because I can dress up, since I do that anyway (and at work it doesn’t matter, I still can’t.) It is because other people dress up, it’s like the one day that the population at large joins me in my world. It is special. This means that unfortunately I expect a lot of people. Looking online I see pictures of inspired, intricate costumes that took planning and dedication.

Last night and tonight I have been watching costumed guests pass through the lobby at the hotel. People put in time to get ready to go to their parties, they get all dressed up, they do their makeup, they do their hair. Some of them look pretty good. Sometimes they do themes for groups of friends. You know it’s a good day when a total stranger asks the only woman in the building who is not wearing any makeup how to apply pencil eyeliner.

That is what I want to see everywhere, and for some reason I am surprised every year when that is not what I see.  I know that for most people it’s just one night. They will throw something together at the last minute or buy something cheap off the shelves just to ‘get in the spirit’. This bothers me a little bit. It’s like they think that these cheap costumes that can only be worn once before they fall apart puts them in the same category, ‘people who dress up’. I find these cheap costumes insulting. When I make something I make it to last. Yes, to most people it’s just a costume,  but I value the time and effort. I value the care and dedication. People who wear these cheap costumes cheapen what I do. By using disposable costumes people tell me that what I do is worth no more than that.

More than that though, the problem that I have with these costumes is how sexist they have made this beautiful holiday. Women, and even girls, find that most of the costumes available are ‘sexy’ versions of something. Even the ‘original’ version is often unavailable. This makes it so that women have no other option than to try to be sexy. It is so pervasive today that even the homemade costumes usually lean this way. This year I have noticed several of these costumes with no more than underwear to cover the lower half!

Let me pause here to say that I have no problem with sexy costumes. I have no problem with women, or men, exposing their bodies. I do not believe that doing so inherently objectifies them. I do have a problem when a person’s sense of self-worth comes down to how others perceive them. I do have a problem with women being reduced to no more than their bodies. I do have a problem with having no choice but to dress provocatively. I do believe that this lack of choice objectifies people. They do not have a way to fully express themselves.

There is another problem that this revealing fad causes. Halloween falls during a time when it is getting colder outside. Girls are forced to choose between having the full effect of their costume or of staying warm. That is not healthy. Most girls grin and bear it. Most guys seem oblivious to it. Those that do take notice end up working for the girl, if they care. This means that women are put into a position of helplessness. They will wait inside while the boy goes to bring the car around, or she counts on his coat, or cape, or whatever.

Men, at least, have some choice in their costume type. But even that falls into certain categories, all of which are carefully chosen not to lose any semblance of masculinity. They can be funny, they can be scary, they can be sexy, or they can copy the original (as long as it is a manly thing). The other way that they can preserve their macho-ness is to not really dress up. I have seen many groups where the girls are done up all-out, while the guys just wear a t-shirt with a Velcro cape attached. Okay, I love those shirts, but I was honestly hoping that they would be an introduction to the everyday costume, not herald the end of dressing up.

On another, but related, note. I saw a costume of one of the monkeys, or whatever from The Bloodhound Gang video for The Bad Touch. I stopped myself from complimenting the reference because I realized what stereotype a woman who likes The Bloodhound Gang would fall into. I would instantly go from ‘responsible employee’ to ‘sex fiend’. I am a happily married woman, I like the music, and I find it funny.  If you listen to the music, it is all about sex, but it has never seemed to me to be necessarily about anything more than a guy who likes his girlfriend, which is fine. It is acceptable for a guy to make the reference, although the stereotype would probably lean towards ‘woman user’, since that is what most people think of the band. Unfortunately that stereotype is something that is acceptable, and even funny to most people.

Halloween symbolizes the best and worst of society. It brings out people’s creativity and individuality. But it also cements many popular trends. I am hopeful that I am wrong, and people do know the difference between a disposable costume and something that will last. I am hopeful that people will learn to escape the boxes that marketing and stereotypes have forced us into.

Happy Halloween everybody!


This is a very interesting article. It talks about the science of how the bra is unnecessary. But I want to see the actual statistics on the women they used for the study. The results of the study would probably show a vast difference between small and large breasted women.

I know that the modern bra is a leftover from the corset era, and some women feel that they are oppressive. If that is the case, sure don’t wear one. No-one is forcing you to. I also understand that the muscles that should support breasts are not getting worked out because the bra takes the load. But I also know that waaaay before the corset period larger women were trying to find ways to relieve the pressure. I personally hate bras. I wish I did not have to wear them, I am so sick of small people telling me about how I need underwire and how helpful it is. They do not understand, by this point, the boobs just hang over the underwire like it wasn’t even there. If I could get away with going braless, I would, but I have not been able to since middle school. So I deal with the gouges from the underwire, the sweat, and the deep imprints left on my shoulders because all of that is better than the stress to the muscles and skin on my chest. Never mind jumping without one, that is painful enough with a bra on.

And please, do not tell me that ‘if the bra fit properly, all of those problems would go away.’ Bras are designed for small to medium women. All of the lessons learned from them are being projected onto larger women. When I say this I mean the women who cannot find their size at most (if any) public retailers and struggle to find them online. The rules do not apply anymore.



So this…Well I found an awesome letter written from the perspective of Barbie to Santa. It was hilarious, and I decided to use it as a monologue. Unfortunately because it was not published I could not use it to compete, but it got very high scores. The outfit is a pink swim suit over a corset. I had to wear a sarong to get the waist in tight enough to even be able to tell. I wore a long blonde wig, incredible long, fake looking fake eyelashes that were actually designed to be cut down and used for dolls. Bring pink heels and lipstick set the whole thing off. The hardest part of the performance was moving in a way that was convincingly Barbie-like. I held my arms in the classic post and gestured using only the shoulders. Avoiding bending my elbows was a constant battle. The corset helped prevent accidental bending at the waist.

Here is the text of the letter that I found online. I have no idea who wrote it or where it came from. I originally found it at my house in a pile of paperwork. We thought it came from one of the ladies in my mother’s doll club, but no-one there had ever heard of it before. Thank you to whoever created this little piece of gold.

Madrid Parade Pics

These pictures are from the a couple of parades in Madrid, NM.

4th of July
4th of July

This summer I decided that I was going to be Red, White, and Blue. That meant digging out fun stuff from closet to make it happen. My dog is dressed as a member of the original Madrid Miners baseball team. The car is my mother’s. She put her doll’s sports cars on it.

Christmas Tree

This year I decided to be a Christmas Tree. Yes, the dog is wearing the tree skirt.