So this…Well I found an awesome letter written from the perspective of Barbie to Santa. It was hilarious, and I decided to use it as a monologue. Unfortunately because it was not published I could not use it to compete, but it got very high scores. The outfit is a pink swim suit over a corset. I had to wear a sarong to get the waist in tight enough to even be able to tell. I wore a long blonde wig, incredible long, fake looking fake eyelashes that were actually designed to be cut down and used for dolls. Bring pink heels and lipstick set the whole thing off. The hardest part of the performance was moving in a way that was convincingly Barbie-like. I held my arms in the classic post and gestured using only the shoulders. Avoiding bending my elbows was a constant battle. The corset helped prevent accidental bending at the waist.

Here is the text of the letter that I found online. I have no idea who wrote it or where it came from. I originally found it at my house in a pile of paperwork. We thought it came from one of the ladies in my mother’s doll club, but no-one there had ever heard of it before. Thank you to whoever created this little piece of gold.



This is me in my great grandmother’s fishing hat, a new ‘Goth Victorian’ choker, and a elegant dress I found for $10 at an Estate Sale. Unfortunately I have worn the dress too much and now I need to stabilize the antique lace.

Madrid Parade Pics

These pictures are from the a couple of parades in Madrid, NM.

4th of July
4th of July

This summer I decided that I was going to be Red, White, and Blue. That meant digging out fun stuff from closet to make it happen. My dog is dressed as a member of the original Madrid Miners baseball team. The car is my mother’s. She put her doll’s sports cars on it.

Christmas Tree

This year I decided to be a Christmas Tree. Yes, the dog is wearing the tree skirt.


Most people who know me would assume that I love clothes. I have a lot of clothes, I mean a LOT. Really, I dislike clothes, especially modern clothes. Clothes are annoying, and modern fashion is boring. I collect fun and interesting clothes to make this a bit more interesting. But I am also a theatre geek and historian, I like costume. Historical clothing is far more interesting to me than modern, so that is what I focus on, but modern can be fun too.

Much of my interest in these clothes really comes from my theatre background. My fun  comes from the idea of costume design itself; using clothes to tell something about a character, or in real life, using clothes to change people’s perceptions of a person. If anyone doubts this works, try on a few different hats in front of a mirror.

A fun thing to do sometimes is dress like a Goth and be extra polite and kind to people. It really confuses them, even though I have Goth friends and they are polite and kind. The stereotype informs people’s perceptions more than their personal experience. This is why wearing the right thing to job interviews is so important. Dress for the job you want.

I love fashion and there is no easier way to express yourself than through the clothes you wear.  –Victoria Justice