Childrearing Around the World

As a new parent, I endeavor to do the best I can for my children. Because I am who I am, this includes educating myself on many different approaches to a problem. For some time now I have wanted to construct a comprehensive guide about how different cultures approach childcare, education, and parenting. I decided not to make this a single volume, but rather an interconnected work where one can focus on the topics that are intriguing to them at that moment.

  • Education – Children know that learning is fun, most adults have forgotten that. I believe that education is the single most important public service that a government can provide to its people. A successful Educational system teaches children to gather the facts and to make their own decisions based on those facts. Education is vital to a functional democracy. This section will be a study in how countries around the globe and throughout history have approached this challenge.
    1. Finland
    2. United States
    3. My Thoughts
  • Parenting – The factor that determines a child’s future more than any other is what parents do and are able to do for their children. While some children are able to overcome their upbringing, and different children respond to things in various ways, the home environment is vitally important to who a child becomes as an adult.

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