Donald Trump as President

At first I thought this post would say something like, ‘Ok, the joke is up, it’s not funny anymore.” But it is way past that point. I am truly terrified about this. At first it was just as an idle ‘what if,’ but the polling numbers make this a real possibility.

facebook page supporting Bernie Sanders posted a question, ‘What worries you about Donald Trump being president?’ I found that my answer was far too long for a response in the comments.

Entitlement – It started with Trump’s 1% attitude. He thinks that he got himself where he is today. As I have said before, I don’t really believe that is how capitalism works. Our economy does not get people where they belong based on work or ethics, but primarily on family wealth and/or unscrupulous behavior. This is shown with his ‘small $1 million dollar loan’. Little does he realize that this is more money than most Americans will even handle in their lifetime.

Trump feels that he is the best. His success has given him the idea that he can do whatever he wants. And the US legal system supports that. The fact that he has declared bankruptcy makes him feel that he has seen the worst. And the fact that he came back stronger makes him believe that he is even stronger than an ordinary millionaire. He thinks that he is so infallible that no matter what he does he will succeed.

As someone who already benefits from the elaborate protections the wealthy have on their money, Trump is likely to keep those and create more. All of these protections are damaging for those who cannot take advantage of them. For every penny that they keep is a penny out of circulation. Each penny is another one that will not be paid to the hard-working employees to buy food. In the end, each penny they hoard is a penny they don’t have to steal a second time.

Cruel – The television show, The Apprentice, is known for Trump’s coldhearted treatment of the contestants. While one could hope this was just for sensationalism, it is precisely that sensation that propelled him to where he is today. It is that attitude that has earned him fans. Having anyone in charge who thinks that people are disposable is a recipe for disaster. I doubt the people who work for him are treated very well. And these people we see on the show have been mentored by him, sometimes for several weeks. Even that does not help him to show any sympathy. What can we expect him to feel for people he has never even seen?

Bigot – Trump has gained his thunder through cruelty in general, but now he is directing it. He knows that he needs certain individuals to support him, and is directing their existing fears and prejudices to his advantage. His hate speech is terrifying to me. We forget that Hitler did not round up everyone he disliked at once, he started small and gradually worked his way up as fewer and fewer groups were there to protect one another. This is one of the reasons that we must protect other people’s freedoms as well as our own. American history that I grew up learning was a consistent progression of gaining equality and rights for the disenfranchised, but within my lifetime we have gone back centuries when it comes to this progress. Trump is even more overt about it than Bush.

Followers – The most terrifying thing to me is not that there is someone in the world like this. I know they exist. The fact that he has power is frightening, but what scares me the most is that people follow him. He has supporters who believe the outrageous claims. He is working them up to a fever pitch, allowing people who were considered ‘fringe’ before for their radical views to come into the limelight. This is the Tea Party, but perhaps even more extreme. This is dangerous.



I have no idea why I continue to watch this show. It drives me crazy! The whole point of the show is for bosses to find out what they can do to help their businesses. Sometimes that is upgrading computers, sometimes it is changing a policy to help your employees. However, gradually the focus has shifted; someone realized that those types of changes were not as interesting to watch as people receiving gifts. So now the point is to go undercover to find hard working employees and give them personal gifts to make their lives better in the short term. They also occasionally find an employee who they have to take action to get back on track. Even these less-than-stellar employees sometimes get gifts.

I do believe that everyone who oversees others should do the front line jobs at some point, and periodically throughout their career, just to remind them of how hard these people work. I also believe that every organization should have some sort of suggestion system, and maybe even someone whose entire job is to follow people and get their suggestions and find out what they need to help make their lives easier. Any of these methods need to result in changes to the company, not just individual gifts. In the first season a woman was struggling to pay for day care, so the boss set up a company day care program. In subsequent episodes, the same problem is solved with a monetary gift to pay for a service for a year or so. This will not help anyone but the recipient even though there are probably many other employees facing the same difficulties.This solution will only help for a limited time anyway. This is really a gift that is not a gift.

On the show I find that every boss is surprised by the same things. a) They have employees who struggle to make ends meet. b) Employees have lives that remind them of their own. c) Employees work very hard. d) People feel unappreciated. e) Some employees do not care. f) Some employees are very passionate. g) Some great employees feel like they have to leave.

My conclusion is that *shock* employees are people too. Companies need to provide benefits, programs, and higher wages to help their employees. No-one should have to choose between health care and food. Some people do, and the people who have the power to change this do not realize that they have it so good, and others struggle so much.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime – Proverb